Deep Indian Kitchen Spinach Paneer Naan Pizza Review

Deep Indian Kitchen Spinach Paneer Naan Pizza

One of our favorite frozen food brands, Tandoor Chef, recently rebranded as Deep Indian Kitchen. This gave as an excuse to re-review their line of naan bread pizzas, which are one of our favorite frozen items. Since we love spinach, naan bread, and pizza, the Deep Indian Kitchen Spinach Paneer Naan Pizza is the kind of item that we’re happy to eat again and again.

The only way to cook this pizza is in the oven, but thankfully, the process doesn’t take too long. According to the box, it should be cooked for about 14 minutes. We followed the instructions and wound up with nicely melted cheese and an appealingly crispy crust. While Deep Indian Kitchen suggests placing this directly on the baking rack, we played things safe and cooked this on a sheet pan instead.

Deep Indian Kitchen Spinach Paneer Naan Pizza

When we reviewed the Tandoor Chef version of this pizza, our staffers raved about the naan bread and the blend of mozzarella and paneer cheese. We were less enthused by the spinach, however, which had an odd texture and a slightly fishy taste. We might have had a bad batch on the last go, because we didn’t have any complaints about the spinach this time. It tasted fresh, but fishy, and it wasn’t too dry or too slimy.

The spinach may also be better because it looks like Deep Indian Kitchen has tweaked the original recipe! The old version of the pizza clocked in at 580 calories, while this version contains a whopping 680 calories. (Deep Indian Kitchen claims that there are two servings per container, but we think this is clearly designed to be a single-serving pizza). Aside from the spinach, we didn’t notice any major differences. The naan bread is still the highlight of the dish, the sauce is used sparingly, and the blend of cheeses gives the pizza an interesting flavor.

Deep Indian Kitchen Spinach Paneer Naan Pizza isn’t our favorite pizza from Deep Indian Kitchen, and it’s definitely not a diet-friendly meal. Still, if you’re in the mood from naan bread, and you also happen to be craving pizza, this is a delicious option. We were big fans of the Tandoor Chef line, and so far Deep Indian Kitchen looks to be every bit as good.

To learn more about the nutrition content, ingredients, or cooking instructions for this frozen pizza review, check out our package scans below.

Deep Indian Kitchen Spinach Paneer Naan Pizza
Deep Indian Kitchen Spinach Paneer Naan Pizza
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