Good & Gather Spicy Korean Pork Potstickers Review

Good & Gather Spicy Korean Pork Potstickers

If you’re a regular Target shopper, then you’ve probably noticed that a new food line has been appearing on store shelves. Yes, the Good & Gather line has replaced Archer Farms and Simply Balanced. While we have seen a few Archer Farms products show up in Target stores recently, they’ve mostly been phased out at this point.

And since we spent some time reviewing frozen food by the Archer Farms brand, it only makes sense that we keep on trucking with the Good & Gather brand. So today we’re checking out the Good & Gather Spicy Korean Pork Potstickers, which we’re pretty excited about. It’s not often we find a frozen batch of potstickers that doesn’t come from Trader Joe’s.

The cooking instructions give you two options: pan frying or boiling. We fried ours because we thought they’d turn out better that way. We’re honestly a little nervous about how soggy these would end up in a boiling pot. Plus, we like our potstickers a little crispy on one side, which is how they usually turn out when fried in a pan.

Good & Gather Spicy Korean Pork Potstickers

Initially, we thought we’d try one or two of these with some soy sauce. Once we took our first bite, however, we realized that any dipping sauce would be unnecessary — these are absolutely loaded with flavor.

Inside each shell is a batch of spicy pork, with cabbage, chili paste, and seasoned sake. These end up really sweet with a BBQ-like flavor, which we really love. Plus, they’re pretty darn spicy. These probably won’t impress anyone looking for a true spice overload, but we found them to be a lot spicier than most of the frozen food we’ve tried.

According to the box, four potstickers is considered a serving. That serving size contains 200 calories and 450 mg of sodium, which means each potsticker contains 50 calories and about 112 mg of sodium. If you eat more than the recommended four, those numbers can start adding up pretty quickly. Be careful, because it’s easy to scarf down an entire box in a sitting; it’s pretty hard to stop eating these once you’ve started.

The Good & Gather Spicy Korean Pork Potstickers might be the best batch of potstickers we’ve tried so far. We really love the Korean BBQ flavor of the pork here, and the spiciness only enhances that. These are some seriously delicious potstickers, and we think you’ll love them!

To learn more about the nutrition content, ingredients, or cooking instructions for these frozen potstickers, check out our package scans below.

Good & Gather Spicy Korean Pork Potstickers
Good & Gather Spicy Korean Pork Potstickers
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