Good & Gather Spanakopita Review

Good & Gather Spanakopita

The Archer Farms brand is no more. Target has replaced it with the brand-new Good & Gather line. This means it’s time to revisit some old items now that they’ve been rebranded (and to check out some new offerings as well).

Today, we’re revisiting a beloved classic. We really loved the Archer Farms Spanakopita, and now that it’s called the Good & Gather Spanakopita, we’re happy to give it another go.

We should point out that the Archer Farms version came in a box of 36, while the Good & Gather version comes in a box of 12. If you’re picking these up to serve at a large gathering, you’ll have to purchase three times as many boxes of them to make sure you have enough. If you’re just looking to serve a couple people, though, the smaller box size might actually be better.

Alright, so cooking this spanakopita is really easy. Simply preheat your oven to 425 degrees Fahrenheit, put the spanakopita pieces on a baking sheet, then put the whole thing in the oven for 12 to 14 minutes.

Admittedly, we were a bit skeptical of these instructions at first. The previous version required 14 to 20 minutes of cook time at the same temperature. And since we’ve had undercooked spanakopita before, we were hesitant to repeat that mistake.

Good & Gather Spanakopita

However, we pulled these out at the 13-minute mark, and they were pretty much perfect.

These still taste as good as they ever did — a new box certainly didn’t change that.

The phyllo crust is still satisfyingly crispy. Flavor-wise, there’s not a lot going on with the outer shell (though it does have a little bit of a toasted flavor if you can separate flakes of the crust from the filling).

It’s what’s inside these things that really counts, though. This is a creamy blend of feta, ricotta, and cream cheese that really does it’s duty. It’s also filled with spinach, which has a leafy flavor that’s potent but not overwhelming. The garlic does a lot of work in balancing all this out.

We do think these are a tad rich, so if you try to eat a full box at once you’ll probably end up stopping about halfway through to chug some milk (or wine, if you’re feeling fancy). That said, these taste great if you eat the appropriate amount, which we’d say is between four and six pieces.

The box agrees with us, sort of… it recommends four pieces as a serving size, which means there are three servings per box. If you stick with four pieces, you’re looking at 190 calories and 280 mg of sodium. If you go hog wild and eat the whole box, you’re up to 590 calories and 840 mg of sodium. These are definitely better as an app or snack than as a meal.

The Good & Gather Spanakopita is slightly less convenient for parties now that it’s in a box of 12 instead of 36, but it’s still a wonderful appetizer that we really enjoy. We’re thrilled that Good & Gather didn’t make any substantial changes to the recipe of what was one of Archer Farm’s better frozen dishes.

Review To learn more about the nutrition content, ingredients, or cooking instructions in this spanakopita, check out our package scans below.

Good & Gather Spanakopita
Good & Gather Spanakopita
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