Trader Joe’s Organic Vanilla Fudge Chip Ice Cream Review

Trader Joe's Vanilla Fudge Chip Ice Cream

As the weather warms up, the Freezer Meal Frenzy staff has collectively been craving a cold bit of sweetness. And what better way to satiate that craving than with some ice cream? So we decided to head down to our local Trader Joe’s and see what our options were. As it turns out, the Trader Joe’s Organic Vanilla Fudge Chip Ice Cream was the first thing that caught our eye.

Now, we like complex ice cream flavors as much as the next ice-cream-eating person, but sometimes there’s something nice about simplicity. And this particular batch of ice cream errs on the side of simplicity. It’s just a creamy vanilla ice cream with some chocolatey chunks mixed in.

The vanilla is lovely. It’s a super-sweet, silky concoction that sets out to prove that vanilla doesn’t have to be synonymous with “boring.” And it succeeds fantastically. We would have been happy to just eat the vanilla ice cream plain here.

Trader Joe's Vanilla Fudge Chip Ice Cream

But then the fudge chips show up to turn things up a notch. This stuff is incredibly rich, but not so much that it mutes out the lower-key vanilla. It’s actually kind of a strange experience, because in your mouth these feel like chocolate chips, but they have the flavor of fudge swirls rather than chocolate chips. So your brain is expecting one flavor and getting another (admittedly closely related) flavor. It might be a little odd, but it’s certainly not bad. In fact, it’s kind of amazing!

Just like the Mint Chip Ice Cream (which we reviewed not long ago), the flavor of the ice cream hits first, then it fades into the extra-rich finish of the chips. It’s a grand experience that fans of sweet treats will really enjoy.

The carton claims there are six servings here, and we think that’s probably valid. You really don’t want to eat a whole carton in a sitting, after all. If you can control yourself enough to eat 2/3 of a cup, you’re looking at 280 calories. Considering this is a rich, delicious treat, that ain’t bad!

The Trader Joe’s Organic Vanilla Fudge Chip Ice Cream may not do anything wild or unexpected, but it doesn’t need to. It excels in the areas that count — it’s sweet, cold, and loaded with flavor. We really love this organic ice cream, and we think you will too!

To learn more about the nutrition content or ingredients in this Trader Joe’s ice cream, check out our carton photo below.

Trader Joe's Vanilla Fudge Chip Ice Cream
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5 months ago

I can’t believe they no longer have it! This was seriously the best ice cream I’ve ever tasted from TJ or otherwise!!! I’m really devastated and Hope that they bring it back.

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