Evol Uncured Ham & Egg Breakfast Burrito Review

Evol Uncured Ham & Egg Burrito

Evol makes some of our favorite frozen burritos on the market, so it was inevitable that we’d get around to trying out their line of breakfast burritos.

The Uncured Ham & Egg gets a majority of its flavor from a few ingredients that don’t necessarily make for a pretty photograph. The bright yellow scrambled eggs, the pink of the uncured ham, the white of the potato chunks, and the dull brown of the rest of the mix might be a little offputting when you actually cut this thing open and look at what’s inside.

Evol Uncured Ham & Egg Burrito

Of course, the visuals aren’t all that indicative of flavor here, because those ingredients blend to make a mouthwatering breakfast treat. The ham here is smokey rather than sweet, which might not have been the most obvious choice but it’s a choice that works well with the other components. Plus, the peppers add a little pizzazz while the cheddar cheese rounds out the flavor.

The only downside is that this burrito isn’t the most filling meal out there. If you’re the type who typically wakes up with a ravenous hunger, this might not be for you–unless, of course, you cook up two.

Beside that one minor quibble, though, this is a burrito you could pair this with a cup of coffee to kick your morning off to a good start. Plus, if you’re a fan of Evol’s uncured ham, you could pair this burrito with its baby brother, the Uncured Ham, Egg & Cheddar breakfast sandwich.

For full ingredients and nutrition information, see our package scan below.

Evol Uncured Ham & Egg Burrito

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