Evol Lasagna & Meat Sauce Review

Evol Lasagna & Meat Sauce

Evol is a company that started with burritos and slowly expanded into the broader frozen food market as a whole. Their Lasagna & Meat Sauce is one of the dishes that emerged from that effort, and we here at Freezer Meal Frenzy decided to give it a shot.

The instant we pulled this from the microwave, a pleasant smell of garlic filled the air. And once we got the plastic wrap off the top, the insides looked pretty appealing, as you can see in our picture below.

Evol Lasagna & Meat Sauce

The Lasagna & Meat Sauce was off to a good start. Unfortunately, the problems began to show up once we decided to actually taste the thing.

The trick to making a good frozen lasagna is to offer a good, thick sauce with a great flavor. If Evol would have done that, this would have been a pretty tasty treat. At first glance, the sauce we saw on the edges seemed promising, but our exploration into the middle of this proved this to be an illusion.

We ate the meal with a fork, which left the bottom of the pan filled with a layer of soupy liquid.

Evol Lasagna & Meat Sauce

The noodles obviously don’t have a lot of flavor, and the mozzarella and ricotta portions are scant here, so the sauce provides the main flavor. Even its thin, watery consistency could have been forgiven if it tasted good, but it simply doesn’t. It’s a dull flavor that will have you reaching for a glass of milk to help you forget its unpleasant aftertaste.

What about the meat content? Well, just like most of Evol’s non-vegetarian burritos, their lasagna takes a minimalist approach to meat portioning. Unlike the burritos, though, it actually hurts the quality of the dish here. A good spicy sausage could have possibly salvaged this lasagna, or at least made it more interesting.

As huge fans of Evol’s product line, we wanted to love the Lasagna & Meat Sauce. Unfortunately, we just couldn’t. We hope Evol goes back to the drawing board on this one.

We doubt even Garfield would enjoy this lasagna.

For complete ingredients and nutrition info, see our package scan below.

Evol Lasagna & Meat Sauce

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