Amy’s Cheese Ravioli with Sauce Review

Amy's Cheese Ravioli with Sauce

Frozen pasta is always a risky endeavor. Sometimes you end up with something watery and terrible, like Evol’s Lasagna & Meat Sauce, while other times you’ll get something pretty tasty, like Lean Cuisine’s Four Cheese Cannelloni.

So where does Amy’s Kitchen’s Cheese Ravioli with Sauce fall on the frozen pasta continuum? Well, we’d say somewhere in the middle, but much closer to the “great-tasting” end of the spectrum than the “low-quality” end.

When this pasta dish comes out of the microwave, it has a sort of strange, otherworldly texture to it. It sort of resembles the meteorite-pocked surface of an unexplored planet. But fear not, this goes away with a little bit of stirring.

Amy's Cheese Ravioli with Sauce

The sauce is thick and chunky right out of the microwave, which is a huge plus. Too often, a frozen pasta dish is plagued by barely passable sauce that’s runny and watered down. Even some of the better pastas we’ve had came out looking pretty soupy before thickening up as they sat for a few minutes.

It’s also delicious. This is definitely one of the better tasting sauces we’ve had.

When it comes to the pasta itself, we have a few complaints, but they’re fairly minor. The first is that we wished each shell contained more of the delicious ricotta cheese filling. They seemed a little skimpy. The second complaint is the texture. The shells have a sort of rubbery texture to them, which lends them a sort of budget feel.

So, while Amy’s Cheese Ravioli with Sauce isn’t perfect, it’s one of the better tasting frozen pastas on the market.

For full nutritional information and ingredients, see our package scans below.

Amy's Cheese Ravioli with Sauce

Amy's Cheese Ravioli with Sauce

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