Udi’s Broccoli & Kale Lasagna Review

Udi's Broccoli & Kale Lasagna

Frozen lasagna definitely has its share of problems. When heated in the microwave, lasagna noodles can be dry or overly chewy. Many lasagna dishes are messy and difficult to eat, and lasagna can take longer to heat then many other microwave dishes. Udi’s Gluten-Free Broccoli & Kale Lasagna doesn’t transcend any of these issues, but it’s still an enjoyable meal.

There are some issues with the texture of the noodles in this dish, but the creamy sauce helps make up for that. It’s on par with other frozen gluten-free dishes that we’ve tried. The broccoli, kale, and lasagna are all fresh and well seasoned, while the ricotta cheese has plenty of flavor. There’s plenty to like about this freezer lasagna.

Udi's Broccoli & Kale Lasagna

If you’ve been craving pasta but are trying to avoid gluten, you really can’t go wrong with this meal. It’s a tasty lasagna dish in spite of its issues. If you’re trying to watch your diet, however, you might want to pass on this lasagna. At 390 calories (and 22 grams of fat) it may not help you slim your waistline.

All in all, we recommend this Udi dish. It’s not something we’d eat every day, but it’s pretty good for freezer lasagna. If you enjoy lasagna — or kale — you might want to give it a try.

For more information about this dish’s nutritional content and ingredients, check out our package scan below.

Udi's Broccoli & Kale Lasagna

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