DiGiorno Italian Style Supreme Pizza Buns Review

DiGiorno Italian Style Supreme Pizza Buns

DiGiorno makes some great frozen pizzas, so we’re always glad to see their line expanding. We were in the mood for something hearty and packed with flavor, so we picked up a box of DiGiorno’s Italian Style Supreme Pizza Buns, which are similar in concept to Amy’s Swirls.

The Pizza Buns inside the package are separated into mini packages of two each.

DiGiorno Italian Style Supreme Pizza Buns

That means you don’t have to cook a whole box at once if you’re looking for a nice warm snack. Keep in mind that the nutrition info is also separated out by pairs of the things, so a full box actually has 600 calories (240 from fat) rather than the 200 (80 from fat) shown on the packaging.

The instructions on the box give you a choice of cooking methods, and we went with the traditional oven rather than a microwave. They came out of the oven looking amazing. And they smell great too.

DiGiorno Italian Style Supreme Pizza Buns

The bulk of these is pure bread, so eating one is a bit like eating a deep dish pizza with hardly any ingredients on it. That’s fine, because DiGiorno’s crust is so tasty, but if you’re expecting something more like a mini pizza, you might be disappointed.

The ingredients that actually do appear between the folds of this crust seem to be a mixed bag. We found some buns that were packed with sausage, pepperoni, tomato chunks, and even olives, while others contained a single piece of sausage with only trace hints of tomato sauce. With six buns to try , we found four were packed with ingredients while two were pretty skimpy. That means that more often than not you’ll be getting a good one, but we don’t like that a third of the package belonged to the skimpy ones.

The package claims there is mozzarella cheese on these, but we have a feeling it’s baked into the bun because we certainly didn’t find any anywhere else. It’s fine, but a little melty cheese would have been a killer topper for these pizza buns.

As is, DiGiorno’s Italian Style Supreme Pizza Buns are pretty tasty, though we would have liked them to be just a little more “supreme.”

To see the nutrition facts and ingredients of this frozen food, check out our package scans below.

DiGiorno Italian Style Supreme Pizza Buns

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