DiGiorno Chicken Parm Stromboli Review

DiGiorno Chicken Parm Stromboli

When you hear the name DiGiorno, you probably think of pizza. And this wouldn’t be a mistake — the brand does specialize in frozen pizzas, and their “It’s not delivery; it’s DiGiorno” catchphrase still rings in the ears of anyone who was watching cable TV in the 1990s or early 2000s.

However, they’ve been expanding their line into the world of what we’d say is “pizza-adjacent frozen food.” We’ve checked out their pizza buns and dipping strips already, but today we’re tasting something a bit different: the DiGiorno Chicken Parm Stromboli.

According to the package, you can choose to cook this in the microwave or in the oven. Since each package contains two pieces of stromboli, we decided to try both cooking methods.

DiGiorno Chicken Parm Stromboli

We tried the microwave first, and the stromboli includes a crisping sleeve to reduce the inevitable sogginess of microwave heating. The package does warn that the microwave still won’t get your stromboli as crispy as oven cooking will, though, so keep that in mind if you’re craving something crispy. We found that the crisping sleeve does its job pretty well, as the stromboli shell comes out nice and dry. However, it’s a little bit tough and rubbery, which is not ideal.

So when we cooked this in the oven, we were really hoping to mitigate the rubbery feel of the shell. Obviously, cooking in the oven will take considerably more time (27 minutes of cook time as opposed to three), and doesn’t require the crisping sleeve. After all that cooking time, you do end up with a much better crust. It’s much crispier and it doesn’t have that rubbery consistency.

The cooking method you choose has a much smaller impact on the filling in this stromboli. The filling here is actually mostly chicken. We would have expected just a few pieces of chicken with mostly a sauce-and-cheese filling, but this is actually the opposite. It’s stuffed with chicken, and it has the sauce just sort of stuffed into the gaps between the strips of meat.

DiGiorno Chicken Parm Stromboli

This means there really isn’t a ton of sauce, and that’s actually kind of a problem. See, the crust has a good amount of flavor, and the white-meat chicken has very little, so this ends up tasting mostly like the doughy shell with some hints of chicken and cheesy tomato sauce. A little more sauce could have easily solved this problem.

This isn’t a guilt-free meal if you’re on a diet. One piece has 350 calories and 500 mg of sodium, and each box contains two pieces. We really don’t think it’s a stretch to say you’ll probably end up eating both in a sitting, as one isn’t quite enough to leave you feeling full. If you end up eating both, that leaves you with 680 calories and 1,000 mg of sodium. The calorie math seems a little bit off there (350 times two is 700), but this is the info that’s printed on the box.

The DiGiorno Chicken Parm Stromboli is certainly not our favorite item on DiGiorno’s menu, but it makes an easy-to-cook lunch for those craving something vaguely pizza-like. We actually recommend finding a good dipping sauce for this, as there’s simply not enough sauce to get a good flavor profile. Some extra marinara would really add to this, we think. We actually tried dabbing this in some ranch dressing, and even that was an improvement.

To learn more about the nutrition content, ingredients, or cooking instructions for this frozen stromboli, check out our package scans below.

DiGiorno Chicken Parm Stromboli
DiGiorno Chicken Parm Stromboli
DiGiorno Chicken Parm Stromboli
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