Evol Chicken Enchiladas Review

Evol Chicken Enchiladas

Evol puts out such a huge selection of great burritos that it’s easy to forget that their line stretches far beyond those. We took their Chicken Enchiladas for a test drive, and we weren’t disappointed.

These little guys are just swimming in roja sauce, and it’s a great sauce. We’ve been surprised before at how spicy Evol’s enchilada sauces can be, and even so, we were surprised yet again. We had to refill our glass of milk halfway through this meal, since this sauce is seriously spicy.

If you bust open one of these enchiladas, you might find less chicken than you expected. We’re no strangers to Evol’s scant chicken portions so we weren’t expecting much, but if you love feasting on hearty portions of chicken, you’ll probably be pretty disappointed.

Evol Chicken Enchiladas

Of course, these are stuffed with other classic ingredients, such as white rice, black beans, and bell peppers. They’re high-quality ingredients, though you might not even notice through all that delicious sauce. And all of this comes wrapped in two authentic-tasting soft corn tortilla shells, which are lovely as always.

Plus, this meal is gluten-free, which Evol proclaims in tiny letters on the box as if it’s no big deal. While to some, the idea of a gluten-free enchilada might not seem all that impressive, but our friends with gluten-related health concerns will certainly take notice.

Evol’s Chicken Enchiladas are yet another satisfying enchilada dish in Evol’s considerable arsenal. We hope this line continues to expand, because it’s always a pleasure to eat delicious frozen meals like this one.

To learn more about the nutrition info or ingredients in this frozen food, check out our package scan below.

Evol Chicken Enchiladas

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