365 Everyday Value Uncured Chicken Corn Dogs Review

365 Everyday Value Uncured Chicken Corn Dogs

We love ourselves a good corn dog here at Freezer Meal Frenzy, especially when they’re made without beef. After all, what’s more fun that poultry on a stick? So when we spotted the 365 Everyday Value Uncured Chicken Corn Dogs, we knew right away that we had to try them out. (In case you’ve never heard of it, 365 Everyday Value is a sub-brand of Whole foods.)

These corn dogs come with several sets of instructions. You can heat these corn dogs in the oven, in a microwave, or on a stovetop. We went with the oven, which required us to preheat to 375 degrees fahrenheit, then place the corn dogs on a cookie sheet and pop them in for about 21-24 minutes (we found 21 to be sufficient).

Now, the oven left the cornbread coating a bit crispier than we’d like, but it tasted great. This is some tasty cornbread.

The hot dog portion, however, could use some work. This ends up with a strange taste that we couldn’t quite place, and it’s way more rubbery that we expected. It’s a bit of a bummer, because the corn bread that the hot dog is encased in is wonderful.

365 Everyday Value Uncured Chicken Corn Dogs

Now, because the shells ended up so crispy, we decided to go ahead and try cooking these in the microwave to see if they came out any better. We did still have two left over, after all. This is quite a bit easier than the oven method: simply stick a single corn dog on a plate and pop it into the microwave for 65-70 seconds.

The cornbread shell actually comes out of the microwave a bit soggy, which is even worse than being too crispy. The flavor seemed off too. Oh, and the hot dog ended up being even more rubbery than before. We definitely advise against heating these in the microwave.

Of course, no corn dog would be complete without a little bit of ketchup and some mustard, so we tried giving these a little dipsy doolittle. It was a definite improvement — even the microwaved corn dogs became decent after a little ketchup/mustard combo.

There are four corn dogs in a box, and while we think two is a pretty good serving size, the package lists a single corn dog as a proper serving. In this single-corn-dog serving, there are 170 calories (50 from fat). So even if you eat two, that’s only 340 calories (100 from fat). That’s not exactly a diet food, but we doubt two corn dogs will completely ruin your calorie count for the day.

The 365 Everyday Value Uncured Chicken Corn Dogs aren’t the best corn dogs on the market, but they’ll do in a pinch. The cornbread portion is fantastic, while the meat bit isn’t so great. With better franks, these could have been some seriously killer corn dogs. As is, these are alright. Just don’t heat them in the microwave.

If you want to learn more about the nutrition contents or ingredients in these frozen corn dogs, check out our package scans below.

365 Everyday Value Uncured Chicken Corn Dogs
365 Everyday Value Uncured Chicken Corn Dogs
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