Red’s Steak Fajita Bowl Review

Red's Steak Fajita Bowl

The Red’s brand of frozen food is named after Red, who was a dog. We think dogs are great, so we automatically want to love Red’s food. Thankfully, they have a pretty tasty assortment of burritos in their lineup (the Organic Cheese Quesadilla Burrito is both wonderful and absurd).

Today we’re straying from their burrito line to check out the Red’s Steak Fajita Bowl, which is not a burrito, though we’d say it’s burrito-adjacent. We might even be tempted to call this a burrito bowl.

This is a surprisingly fast meal to cook if you use the microwave, which is the preferred cooking method according to the box (and the method that we used). You’ll simply pop this thing in for three minutes and it’s pretty much done. (You can read the full cooking instructions by checking out the package scans at the bottom of this article.)

Red's Steak Fajita Bowl

The steak, which is the centerpiece of this dish, is not very good. You might find a piece or two that has a great flavor and a nice consistency, but your far likelier to find pieces that are tough and sinewy and loaded with gristle.

The rest of the fixings aren’t bad. There’s a blend of brown and red rice, which leans very hard towards the brown rice, with just a little bit of red. The red chile sauce is great, but it’s pretty scant here. It’s unfortunate, because a bit more of the sauce would have gone a long way in making up with the poor quality of the steak. You’ll also find some corn, onions, black beans, and more. It’s all pretty standard stuff.

One bowl won’t cause you too much worry on the diet front, as it contains only 230 calories (and only 30 from fat). It’s a lean steak bowl that’s perfect for dieters craving some protein (this contains 17 g of protein, for the record). This meal is also gluten-free. The sodium is just a little high, however, at 700 mg. That’s pretty average for a frozen meal, but it’s higher-than-average by most other standards.

The Red’s Steak Fajita Bowl is pretty unremarkable. With some better steak and a more generous portion of sauce, this could have been really great. As is, it’s a forgettable meal, though it’s fast to make and low in calories.

To learn more about the nutrition content, ingredients, or cooking instruction for this Red’s frozen food, check out our package scans below.

Red's Steak Fajita Bowl
Red's Steak Fajita Bowl
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