Morningstar Farms Tomato & Basil Pizza Burger Veggie Burgers Review

Morningstar Farms Tomato & Basil Pizza Burger Veggie Burgers

We love pizza here at Freezer Meal Frenzy, and we also love veggie burgers. Now, if only there was some way to combine the two…

Oh wait, Morningstar Farms has already solved this problem with the vegetarian-friendly Morningstar Farms Tomato & Basil Pizza Burger, which we’re very happily reviewing today.

There are several ways to cook these, but we decided to just heat ours up in a skillet. This tends to be our preferred method for cooking veggie burgers, and we see no reason to stray from our comfort zone here. If you want to see the full instructions for basically any cooking method you could think of, check out our package scans at the bottom of this page.

While the burger cooks, it smells faintly like tomato basil soup. We thought this might just be our imagination, but then we tasted the patty and it actually has a tomato basil soup flavor to it. It’s very good.

Morningstar Farms Tomato & Basil Pizza Burger Veggie Burgers

The texture is a bit “chunkier” than you might expect from a burger. If you’ve ever had a veggie burger from Burger King, then perhaps you know what we mean — the patty is assembled from chunks, sort of like edible particle board. That’s because there are bits of onion, mushrooms, and bell peppers crammed into the patty. It’s quite an interesting assortment of things to find lingering inside a burger, but the combination of all of these veggies is really satisfying.

Plus, the burger patty actually contains cheese — both mozzarella and provolone are present inside this incredible blend of flavors. This means there’s a little bit of melty, stretchy cheese visible if you break the patty into smaller chunks. It’s absolutely wonderful.

Now, the biggest question that still lingers is what exactly do you even put on a pizza burger? We opted for mayo, lettuce, and tomato on a sesame seed bun. We actually didn’t have any cheese on hand, but we’re definitely leaning toward a mozzarella or swiss if you really want to add more cheese to it. Cheddar or American might work for some folks, but we just don’t see those cheeses being the right fit for these patties.

Morningstar Farms Tomato & Basil Pizza Burger Veggie Burgers

One burger won’t set you back too much, at just 120 calories and 330 mg of sodium. In fact, this makes two burgers a pretty decent serving size. Just keep in mind that the bun and any toppings and condiments you add will increase those numbers.

The Morningstar Farms Tomato & Basil Pizza Burgers are a really innovative combination of two of our favorite foods. Of course, these aren’t very pizza-ish — they’re more like tomato basil soup burgers — but you could certainly fix this by adding some marinara sauce and mozzarella cheese. In fact, we think that would be an incredible way to top these!

To learn more about the nutrition content, ingredients, or cooking instructions for these veggie burgers, check out our package scan below.

Morningstar Farms Tomato & Basil Pizza Burger Veggie Burgers
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