Devour Smokehouse Angus Beef Grilled Cheese Review

Devour Smokehouse Angus Beef Grilled Cheese

We’ve probably said this dozens of times already, but Devour is one of our favorite frozen food brands. They really do make some top-notch stuff (though we will try to steer you away from their dry macaroni products). So today, we’re very happy to be checking out one of the items in their frozen food lineup that we’d somehow missed: the Devour Smokehouse Angus Beef Grilled Cheese sandwich.

Microwavable sandwiches can be a tough sell, on account of the soggy bread factor. Devour (and other frozen food makers) tries to mitigate that by including a crisping tray that you can heat the sandwich on top of. In most cases, you’ll have to fold the box properly in order to use a microwavable crisping tray, but this meal is an exception. This particular crisping tray comes shrink-wrapped with the sandwich halves rather than as a part of the box. We appreciate this, as it makes it easier to cook (we don’t enjoy folding boxes!)

Devour Smokehouse Angus Beef Grilled Cheese

For the best results, we recommend removing the sandwich from the plate as soon as it’s done cooking, wiping the moisture off the plate, and then flipping the sandwich over. This prevents one side of the bread from being soggier than the other (though either way, you shouldn’t expect crispy bread).

As soon as you pull this out of the microwave, you’ll smell the smokey barbeque sauce. Now, this actually isn’t a sweeter BBQ sauce — it’s a smokier, almost bitter sauce. It really works here, though there is a part of our brain that keeps telling us this sauce should be sweeter than it is. It also has just a little bit of spiciness to it, but we’d say this is tingly rather than truly spicy.

The beef here is fantastic. It’s basically steak cut into cube-shaped bits, and it’s absolutely wonderful. It’s rich with flavor, and it’s juicy without being gristly or soggy. It has the perfect consistency and a great flavor.

Devour Smokehouse Angus Beef Grilled Cheese

To round out this fantastic composition, you’ve got pieces of caramelized onion, as well as a blend of provolone and cheddar cheeses. We really couldn’t ask for better choices here. The cheese is plentiful enough that it lends a stretchy, slightly gooey consistency to the filling, and the onions are subtle enough that they enhance the flavor without overpowering it (unlike some frozen meals that use an abundance of onions to cover up an otherwise bland meal).

One thing Devour is unfortunately not good at is making low-calorie meals. This one weighs in at 480 calories, which means it’s certainly no diet food. It’s also not incredibly filling, so that calorie count doesn’t go very far. If you choose to eat Devour food, you’re best off doing so as a once-in-a-while treat rather than as a frozen food staple.

The Devour Smokehouse Angus Beef Grilled Cheese sandwich is great, though it’s hard to deny that crispier bread would make it even better. Perhaps you could try a toaster oven to see if that helps the bread situation at all (we tried this in the past, and the results were better but still not perfect). That said, there’s still plenty here to love for fans of hot sandwiches, steak, and Texas-style BBQ sauce.

To learn more about the nutrition content, ingredients, or cooking instructions for this Devour frozen sandwich, check out our package scans below.

Devour Smokehouse Angus Beef Grilled Cheese
Devour Smokehouse Angus Beef Grilled Cheese
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