Healthy Choice BBQ Seasoned Pork Wrap Review

Healthy Choice BBQ Seasoned Pork Wrap

We’re a bit hesitant to return to the Healthy Choice brand of frozen food after the great microwave disaster of 2019. For those unfamiliar with the tale, we tried heating up the Healthy Choice Cuban-Inspired Pork Power Bowl and it started a fire in our microwave. We would have considered that a fluke, but the same thing nearly happened with the Chicken Feta & Farro Power Bowl as well. There’s just something wrong with Healthy Choice’s Power Bowls, and we don’t want to keep putting our office at risk of additional fires. So we swore off the brand altogether.

For a while…

We’ve recently been a little more forgiving, though, since Healthy Choice is still putting out dishes that we’re interested in trying. They’ve recently released a new line of wraps, for example, which have piqued our curiosity. Since the Shiitake Chicken Wrap was pretty tasty, we decided to give the Healthy Choice BBQ Seasoned Pork Wrap a try.

Now, this wrap has one of those cooking methods that requires you to heat it on 50% power, then finish it off at high power. We tend to hate these sorts of instructions, but if this prevents the wrap from starting on fire, we suppose we’ll grit our teeth and deal with it. (If you want to read the full cooking instructions, check out our package scans at the bottom of this review.)

Healthy Choice BBQ Seasoned Pork Wrap

Despite the fact that we were able to get the perfect cross-section image above, this wrap is messier than we were expecting. The filling is a bit watery rather than thick and pasty like a burrito filling would be.

The pork is kind of chalky. That’s a really strange consistency for pulled pork, so it definitely came as an unpleasant surprise. It tastes halfway decent, but the consistency is just kind of weird.

The BBQ sauce feels like an afterthought. You can tell it’s there, but it’s certainly not the main flavor here. It just sort of lingers in the background. A sweet, tasty BBQ sauce would have really gone a long way in warming us up to this burrito, but this one is just kind of wimpy in the flavor department.

There’s also some spinach and corn inside, and believe it or not, the spinach contributes more to the overall flavor than the BBQ sauce. Perhaps this was intentional, as spinach does not have a subtle flavor and it seems like a strange thing to bury beneath BBQ sauce. Still, we prefer our BBQ wraps to taste like BBQ, not spinach.

This actually has more calories than we were expecting — not because it’s a BBQ pork wrap, which normally aren’t made for dieters, but because it’s a Healthy Choice meal. We seem to remember them making dishes that are lower in calories. Then again, we also seem to remember them making dishes that start fires, so we’re glad to see they have a willingness to change.

This wrap has 320 calories, which isn’t terrible, but when we were done eating this, we immediately went back to the kitchen to grab more food. It’s not a super filling meal for those 300-plus calories.

The Healthy Choice BBQ Seasoned Pork Wrap isn’t worth the calories. Not only is it not very filling, but it just doesn’t taste very good. Honestly, all Healthy Choice had to do here was slather this up in BBQ sauce and we’d have at least appreciated it. As is, it just seems like a waste of pork. We have a feeling that people don’t buy BBQ wraps expecting them to taste like spinach, yet for some reason, Healthy Choice has created a BBQ wrap that tastes like spinach.

The best thing we can say about this wrap is that it didn’t start any fires.

If you want to learn more about the nutrition content, ingredients, or cooking instructions for this Healthy Choice frozen wrap, check out our package scans below.

Healthy Choice BBQ Seasoned Pork Wrap
Healthy Choice BBQ Seasoned Pork Wrap
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Rainy L.
Rainy L.
1 year ago

I disagree! The wrap is a bargain…a meal in itself (unless you want to serve w/a salad, fruit on the side…FLAVORFUL…balanced, satisfying, easy to eat on the go. Our Grocery Outlet has been carrying them for weeks now, and I buy them every chance I get!

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