Bellatoria Hawaiian Style BBQ Ultra Thin Crust Pizza Review

Bellatoria Hawaiian Style BBQ Ultra Thin Crust Pizza

It’s been a hot minute since we reviewed a Bellatoria pizza. Well, it probably hasn’t been super, super long since we checked out the Margherita Deluxe Pan Pizza, we suppose, but there was a point at which we were eating tons and tons of pizza, so the wait probably feels longer than it really was.

However long that wait has been, it ends today, as we’re digging into the Bellatoria Hawaiian Style BBQ Ultra Thin Crust Pizza. We’re pretty stoked to be back on the ol’ pizza wagon — or hopping aboard the ol’ pizza train, if you will.


If you’ve ever heated a frozen pizza before, this one won’t throw any curveballs at you. Preheat the oven to 400 degrees Fahrenheit, then pop the pizza in for ten to 15 minutes (14 minutes was the sweet spot for us). The instructions say to place the pizza directly on the center rack of your oven, but we always use a baking sheet. We should warn you that the Canadian bacon begins to smell amazing just a few minutes after you start cooking this. It will be hard to wait for that full cooking time! (To read the full instructions straight off the box, check out the package scans at the bottom of this review.)

Bellatoria Hawaiian Style BBQ Ultra Thin Crust Pizza

This pizza is incredibly sweet. It’s so sweet, in fact, that it almost tastes like a dessert pizza. Not only is the pineapple sweet to the point that it tastes like extra sugar was added, but the Canadian bacon has its own sweetness that almost tastes like it has maple syrup on it. Since Bellatoria uses a sweeter tomato sauce already, this sweetness becomes almost too much. Seriously, this is kind of a sweetness overload.

However, if your sweetness tolerance is high, this pizza offers a great flavor that we found ourselves warming up to. It’s an intense flavor for sure, but it’s not a bad one.

This pizza uses a thin, crackery crust, which is not amazing but it does the trick, and there’s more cheese here than you’ll find on some of the cheaper frozen pizzas on the market. It’s nowhere near the ludicrous amounts of cheese that you’d find on, say, a Lotzza Motzza pie, but it’s a good amount of cheese nonetheless.

Bellatoria Hawaiian Style BBQ Ultra Thin Crust Pizza

So how about that nutritional content? Well, pizza calorie counts are rarely good news, but this one isn’t as bad as some of your other options, all things considered. The box’s serving size of 1/3 of a pizza contains 350 calories (120 from fat) and 930 mg of sodium. That brings a half pizza up to 525 calories (180 from fat) and 1,395 mg of sodium. No, those numbers aren’t made for dieters, but this pizza is also far less calorie-intense than Lotzza Motzza’s similar offering.

The Bellatoria Hawaiian Style BBQ Ultra Thin Crust Pizza is surely going to be too sweet for some folks. However, if the overwhelming sweetness doesn’t turn you off, there’s actually a lot to enjoy here. In fact, this is one of the better Hawaiian-style pizzas we’ve tried so far. It’s not for everyone, but we think the right people will absolutely flip over this delicious pizza.

To learn more about the nutrition content, ingredients, or cooking instructions for this frozen pizza, check out our package scans below.

Bellatoria Hawaiian Style BBQ Ultra Thin Crust Pizza
Bellatoria Hawaiian Style BBQ Ultra Thin Crust Pizza
Bellatoria Hawaiian Style BBQ Ultra Thin Crust Pizza
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20 days ago

I can’t find the Hawaiian bbq style pizza anywhere. Please tell me it’s not been discontinued…it’s my all time favorite pizza, including restaurant pizza!!!

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