Trader Joe’s It’s a Wrap! Turkey, Spinach and Swiss Cheese Wrap Review

Trader Joe's It's a Wrap! Turkey, Spinach and Swiss Cheese Wrap

Freezer Meal Frenzy is a frozen food review site. So what on earth are we doing reviewing a totally not-frozen turkey wrap? That’s a good question, actually, so let us explain ourselves.

We do actually review non-frozen food from time to time, especially when it comes from a brand that we already review. And when it comes to Trader Joe’s, boy howdy, do we ever review their food! We’ve done a few of TJ’s wraps in the past, and those reviews tend to be pretty popular, which leads us to the conclusion that at least some of our readers enjoy those reviews.

So we do hope you forgive us for stepping out of the freezer aisle for a day to check out the Trader Joe’s It’s a Wrap! Turkey, Spinach and Swiss Cheese Wrap. We do have to take care of the wrap-loving portion of the Freezer Meal Frenzy audience from time to time.

Now, this is the part of the review where we’d normally explain how to cook this. But this is a cold wrap, found in the refrigerated section of the store, and all you have to do is crack open the package and gobble up the wrap. It makes our job especially easy today.

Trader Joe's It's a Wrap! Turkey, Spinach and Swiss Cheese Wrap

As you can probably see in the image above, this isn’t wrapped quite as tightly as it could have been, so once it’s out of the package it will open up a little bit. That’s probably not a dealbreaker for anyone reading this review, but if it is, don’t say we didn’t warn you.

The wrap also gets a little soggy from sitting in the fridge, which is a little more of a problem, but nothing we didn’t expect. This is actually a garlic and herb tortilla, so it does have just a little bit more flavor than a standard flour tortilla, but not a ton.

This is jam-packed with spinach, so if you really can’t get enough of Popeye’s favorite treat, this is a pretty good way to super-spinach up your diet. Personally, we found it to be just a little too much for our tastes, and our first couple bites were almost nothing but spinach.

The main event, of course, is the turkey, which has a decent flavor. It’s cold, of course, and it does have the texture of a cooked turkey rather than a slice of lunch meat, so you do have to get used to that. We honestly think this would have been awesome with warm turkey, though with everything else still cold.

The real blast of flavor comes from the combination of swiss cheese and honey Dijon mustard, though we do have to warn you that both of these things are pretty scant in this wrap. Both of these things are consolidated to the middle two or three bites, so that flavor combo is something that just kind of blinks in and out of existence at about the midway point of the wrap.

And finally, there’s some tomato salsa to sweeten it up a little bit. Again, the portion size is dwarfed by the absurd amount of spinach, but what’s here really works with this particular wrap.

While this does give the impression of being a fairly healthy meal, it’s not exactly diet-friendly. This wrap contains 420 calories (110 from fat) and 990 mg of sodium. Both of those numbers are slightly higher than we’d like them to be — especially when the green aesthetic makes this look like a super-healthy lunch.

The Trader Joe’s It’s a Wrap! Turkey, Spinach and Swiss Cheese Wrap is pretty decent, though the spinach does get in the way of the rest of it. With just a little less spinach, TJ’s could have really allowed the turkey, cheese, and honey mustard to paint a delicious masterpiece. As is, it’s a pretty alright lunch if you’re just looking to grab and go without needing to cook something.

To learn more about the nutrition content or ingredients in this Trader Joe’s turkey wrap, check out our package scan below.

Trader Joe's It's a Wrap! Turkey, Spinach and Swiss Cheese Wrap
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