Devour Spicy Chorizo Queso Hash Review

Devour Spicy Chorizo Queso Hash

We’ve been making our way through Devour’s all-new All Day Breakfast line of food, and we’ve really been enjoying it. Devour just happens to be one of our favorite frozen food makers, so we always feel thrilled when they add to their line. We already tried and loved the Biscuits, Bacon & Creamy Sausage Bacon, as well as the Steak n’ Eggs with Creamy Gravy. We also tried the Double Sausage & Bacon Loaded Tots, though we didn’t love it quite as much as the other two options.

Today we’re checking out the one remaining item in the All Day Breakfast line, the Devour Spicy Chorizo Queso Hash. Now, we think the word hash might not be the most accurate description here, as it contains chunks of roasted potatoes rather than hash-brown-style ones. Instead, we’d describe this as a queso dish that’s loaded up with breakfast goodies.

The queso sauce is quite delicious — it’s creamy and has a great queso flavor. There’s also quite a bit of spiciness to it, though we can’t tell if this comes from the queso or the chorizo — or both. What we can say is that this is going to be too spicy for the spice-ophobes, though true lovers of spicy food might find it a bit too mild. Those looking for a dish spicy enough to delight without causing their throats to burn or their eyes to water, however, will find this spice level to be just about perfect.

Devour Spicy Chorizo Queso Hash

You’ll also find some scrambled egg bits to remind you this is indeed a breakfast item, and some roasted red peppers to continue that southwestern theme. Neither of these things is particularly noteworthy on its own, but that doesn’t really matter when they’re slathered in that queso sauce.

The bulk of this meal, of course, is made of up of roasted potatoes. That makes this frozen breakfast robust and filling. The potatoes are great — they’re mostly soft with just a hint of crunch to the peels, and they taste amazing when swimming in queso sauce.

While Devour tends to play fast and loose with their calorie counts (the White Cheddar Mac & Cheese with Bacon is particularly loaded with them), the All Day Breakfast line keeps things a little trimmer. However, this queso hash bowl is on the higher end of the Devour breakfast scale, with 390 calories (200 from fat). The sodium is the real killer here, at 1,140 mg. Woah!

The Devour Spicy Chorizo Queso Hash is very good, though it’s a little high in calories and it’s loaded with sodium. If you don’t mind those nutrition numbers, there’s plenty here to love.

If you want to learn more about the nutrition content, ingredients, or cooking instructions for this Devour frozen breakfast, check out our package scans below.

Devour Spicy Chorizo Queso Hash
Devour Spicy Chorizo Queso Hash
Devour Spicy Chorizo Queso Hash
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