Archer Farms Buffalo-Style Chicken Bites Review

Archer Farms Buffalo-Style Chicken Bites

Chicken is one of those foods that seems to open up endless possibilities. For example, it can be the filling in a burrito, the protein in a pasta or soup, or even just eaten in nugget form. If we tried to list every possibility, or even just the ones off the top of our heads, we’d be here all day long. But we’re not here to count chicken; we’re here to eat it. Today we’re checking out the Archer Farms Buffalo-Style Chicken Bites.

We should point out right away that these are boneless. If you prefer bone-in chicken wings, Archer Farms has other options for you, but these come without the hassle (or joy, depending on your preferences) of bones.

According to the package, you should expect to find about 24 pieces of chicken inside. Our bag had 38, but keep in mind that the size can vary wildly, ranging from the size of a marble to almost that of a dish sponge.

Archer Farms Buffalo-Style Chicken Bites

We cooked these chicken bites in the oven (there are microwave instructions on the package, but we interpreted those as being for people in a hurry only), which led to a nicely crisped outer shell. We wouldn’t call these crispy, per se, but they do have just a bit of crispness to the outer layer that makes them pleasant to bite into.

The meat is your standard white-meat chicken, but that’s really not the main event here. No, most people who pick these up will likely be hoping to enjoy the buffalo-style coating. This is a dry coating rather than a full blown sauce, though the wings will still be a bit sticky to the touch. We’d recommend eating these with a fork rather than your fingers. The flavor is lovely, and these bites have a fair amount of kick to them — enough to scare off spice-ophobes for sure.

As true midwesterners, we couldn’t imagine eating a batch of buffalo chicken bites without at least trying them with ranch dressing. Now, this is personal opinion, of course, but a dab of ranch really makes these things pop, and if you pick up a bag of these buffalo bites, you should definitely get a bottle of ranch to go with them.

One serving, according to the bag, contains about 190 calories (70 from fat) and 680 mg of sodium. That might sound pretty alright, but keep in mind that a serving size is about three chicken bites. You’ll probably be eating at least double that, and you might even add a sauce, like we did. Those calories add up really fast, and the sodium level is absolutely bonkers. These are definitely not designed to become a staple of your diet.

The Archer Farms Buffalo-Style Chicken Bites are a very tasty snack, and they’re made even better with a little bit of ranch dressing. Just be careful not to overdo it, as these are packed with calories and absolutely bursting with sodium. But if you’ve got a craving for buffalo chicken and you’re willing to indulge a bit, these really hit the spot.

To learn more about the nutritional content, ingredients, or cooking instructions for these buffalo chicken bites, check out our package scans below.

Archer Farms Buffalo-Style Chicken Bites
Archer Farms Buffalo-Style Chicken Bites
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