Evol Spicy Uncured Bacon & Egg Burrito Review

Evol Spicy Uncured Bacon & Egg Burrito

Freezer Meal Frenzy began as a frozen burrito review project before we grew into a full-on frozen food review site. This means we’ll always have a soft spot for frozen burritos, and we love to see brands like Evol adding new items to their line. Today we’re checking out the Evol Spicy Uncured Bacon & Egg Burrito, which either has escaped us for a very long time or it’s a new product (our hunch is the latter).

There are cooking instructions on the package, but we tend to ignore those, since we came up with a cooking method that produces tasty Evol burritos pretty much every time. We’ve explained it several times, so we won’t do that again here, but you can read this old review if you’re curious to know how we cook these.

After all that cooking is done, you’ll end up with a pretty tasty burrito.

The filling is a sort of pastey mash, mostly made up of scrambled eggs and potatoes. If that description sounds less than appealing, we apologize. We think it’s a pretty apt way to describe this, though it makes it sound like it’s not very good. This is actually great — the mixture of the scrambled eggs and potatoes is perfect for a breakfast burrito.

Evol Spicy Uncured Bacon & Egg Burrito

There are chunks of bacon inside, as you can see in the image above, but it really doesn’t impact the flavor all that much. The reason for this is that the jalapeño peppers really do a lot of work here. It’s pretty spicy for an Evol burrito (this one earns the word Spicy in the title), and it has a very hot pepper-centric flavor. It’s really good.

This burrito has 310 calories, which is kind of a lot considering how small it is. You could probably eat two of these in a sitting if you were really hungry. The sodium is pretty decent, at 460 mg, but if you end up eating a second burrito, that’s going to skyrocket up to 920 mg. You might want to treat this burrito as a snack rather than as a meal.

The Evol Spicy Uncured Bacon & Egg Burrito is quite good, though it might be a tad too spicy for breakfast. We think this is really close to being a vegetarian version of the Egg & Green Chili Burrito, which is definitely one of the better burritos in Evol’s line. We mean that as a compliment — what we’re saying is that we like the bacon-filled version quite a lot.

To learn more about the nutrition contents or ingredients in this frozen breakfast burrito, check out our package scan below.

Evol Spicy Uncured Bacon & Egg Burrito
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