Jimmy Dean Heat ‘n Serve Original Sausage Links Review

Jimmy Dean Heat 'n Serve Original Sausage Links

If you only know Jimmy Dean for their line of frozen breakfast sandwiches, you might be surprised to learn that they’re also in the business of making breakfast meats. Case in point, the Jimmy Dean Heat ‘n Serve Original Sausage Links, which we’re reviewing today.

These sausage links are available in smaller packages (when we reviewed the turkey sausage links, our package contained 12 links), but we picked up the large bag, which is supposed to contain about three dozen links. Ours had exactly that (yes, we counted!)

We should point out that the bag has a slit near the top that is resealable, so you could hypothetically keep using this bag until you run out of sausage. In practice, though, we found the results to be less than desirable. We ended up tearing the bag when we were trying to get the slit open, ruining any chances we had of reusing the bag. Thankfully, we have sealable freezer bags on hand, so we were able to keep our leftover sausages cold and sealed.

You can microwave these if you’d like, but the recommended cooking method requires a skillet and a stovetop (you could probably heat these on a grill too). If you go with the skillet, like we did, we suggest that you add a little bit of water to the skillet once it starts heating up to prevent the sausage from drying out while it cooks.

Jimmy Dean Heat 'n Serve Original Sausage Links

Our sausages turned out quite lovely, though they were actually a little bit softer than we were expecting them to be. While they don’t fall apart when you’re eating them, they also have a bit less of a snap to them. Part of the experience of eating a breakfast sausage is the glorious snap of your teeth puncturing the outer casing, and we just didn’t find that to be the case here. You could probably fix that by cooking these a little bit longer to harden the outer layer a little bit, and it’s also possible that we added too much water to the skillet. Still, we don’t find this to be a major flaw; we really enjoyed these sausage links.

The flavor is great. There’s a bitter smokiness underneath everything, and just subtle hints of sweetness to balance that out. These would taste absolutely fantastic with some maple syrup, but we ate our breakfast sausage plain and still enjoyed the links quite a bit.

According to the package, a serving is three links. This is probably a decent serving size, considering that these are designed to be a side dish to a greater breakfast rather than a full breakfast of their own. If you stick with that amount, you’ll be downing 210 calories (170 from fat) and 580 mg of sodium. Obviously, those numbers will climb if you add more sausages to your breakfast, so be careful. These are a little high in calories (and sodium) for a mere side dish.

The Jimmy Dean Heat ‘n Serve Original Sausage Links make for a wonderful side to a bigger breakfast. You’ll want to be careful to watch your calories (and your sodium intake), but we do think these links pair well with a lot of various breakfast items, such as pancakes, french toast, and waffles. If you’re looking to stock your freezer full of breakfast goodness, you could certainly do much worse than the Jimmy Dean Heat ‘n Serve Original Sausage Links.

If you want to learn more about the nutrition content, ingredients, or cooking instructions for these frozen sausage links, check out our package scans below.

Jimmy Dean Heat 'n Serve Original Sausage Links
Jimmy Dean Heat 'n Serve Original Sausage Links
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