Evol Egg White Sandwich Review

Evol Egg White Sandwich

Goat cheese can be delicious, but it’s a tricky ingredient to use well. It has a strong, tangy taste that isn’t for everyone, and its flavor can be overpowering. It has a distinct grainy texture that is similar to ricotta cheese. If you use too much of it, it can easily drown every other ingredient out.

The Kale, Roasted Tomato & Goat Cheese breakfast sandwich by Evol contains plenty of goat cheese. If you were to bite into it quickly, you might think that it’s just a large hunk of of goat cheese between two pieces of flatbread. There are other ingredients there, but they’re hard to detect.

Evol Egg White Sandwich

If you enjoy goat cheese, this isn’t a bad breakfast sandwich. It’s light, flavorful, and full of healthy ingredients. It’s also less messy than some of Evol’s other breakfast sandwiches, like the Egg & Smoked Gouda sandwich. It’s a great meal to eat on the go.

If you’re not a fan of goat cheese, however, this is one sandwich you’ll want to avoid. The egg white, kale, and tomatoes are nothing more than seasoning; the goat cheese is the centerpiece of this dish.

If you’d like to look at the nutritional information more closely, take a look at our scan below:

Evol Egg White Sandwich

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