Amy’s Breakfast Burrito Review

Amy's Breakfast Burrito

While Amy’s Kitchen makes some of our favorite frozen foods, we tend to be a little on the skeptical side when it comes to their burritos. Yes, they have some great burritos in their lineup, but the frozen burrito market is already saturated with other incredible options from companies such as Evol and Sweet Earth. We’re not sure Amy’s Kitchen really has anything to add.

Then again, some of their best foods are breakfast items.

So we went into Amy’s Breakfast Burrito with optimism mixed with a little bit of skepticism. And, while this frozen burrito didn’t blow us away, it definitely made for a pretty delicious breakfast.

Amy's Breakfast Burrito

The yellow bits might look like egg — and, being a breakfast burrito, egg is a pretty normal thing to expect — but it’s actually tofu. Thankfully, Amy’s Kitchen is no slouch when it comes to making great tofu. Even though we would have prefered something a little more egg-based, the tofu ended up being a nice surprise.

Inside, you’ll also find black beans and tomato chunks, which lend a nice southwestern taste to the overall package. And potato chunks give it a hearty backbone.

At 270 calories (70 from fat), this isn’t the lightest burrito on the market, but it’s still pretty lean. Of course, you might need two of these to fill you up if you’re really hungry; this burrito isn’t as filling as we were hoping it would be, even with the potatoes.

All things considered, Amy’s Breakfast Burrito is a great-tasting breakfast item that’s pretty handy to keep tucked away in your freezer.

To learn more about the ingredients and nutrition of this frozen burrito, check out the package scans below.

Amy's Breakfast Burrito

Amy's Breakfast Burrito

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