Devour Chicken Cordon Bleu Mac & Cheese Review

Devour Chicken Cordon Bleu Mac & Cheese

It’s true that we’re huge fans of Devour’s frozen food here at Freezer Meal Frenzy. In our opinion (though we’d argue that the following statement is an objective truth), Devour makes some of the best frozen macaroni and cheese on the market. Their Buffalo Chicken Mac & Cheese is a must-try for anyone who appreciates a good macaroni dish, and their White Cheddar Mac & Cheese with Bacon is also incredible.

So it’s a little difficult to articulate just how much joy it brought us to discover Devour’s third macaroni option, the Chicken Cordon Bleu Mac & Cheese.

To start, we should point out that this flavor is a bit trickier to find than the other macaroni flavors, which seem to be easily accessible. For example, we haven’t found a Target store yet without those frozen meals in stock.

But trust us when we say, dear readers, that this meal is absolutely worth the effort. This is the macaroni of the gods. Just one whiff of this dish — not even a taste, just a whiff — will send you over the moon.

Are you tired of skimpy chicken portions in chicken-based dishes? Well, just check out how enormous the chicken pieces are in this mac and cheese:

Devour Chicken Cordon Bleu Mac & Cheese

Impressive, right? It’s also juicy and grilled to perfection. We couldn’t ask for better chicken to fill out a macaroni dish.

But the meat content doesn’t stop there. This is also chock full of cube-shaped chunks of smoked ham. They have a delicious smoky, salty-with-a-hint-of-sweetness flavor. We can’t think of another frozen food with ham that’s even close to this delicious.

The sauce is divine. It’s a creamy swiss and provolone sauce with shredded mozzarella mixed in so it has that stringy, stretchy, melty texture. Like the ham, there’s some smokiness to the flavor, which really takes it to the next level. All of this comes served with spiral noodles — and, as far as macaroni noodles go, spirals have to be in the top three best shapes of all time.

Like just about all of Devour’s dishes, there is a downside. This has 480 calories (210 from fat), which isn’t as high as some of their other dishes, but it’s a bit high for dieters. This is one of those meals you’ll probably want to practice moderation on, as difficult as that may be.

Devour’s Chicken Cordon Bleu Mac & Cheese is one of the best macaroni dishes on the market. If you don’t mind consuming almost 500 calories in one dish — and if you don’t mind doing a bit of searching — this should be on your radar. It’s incredible.

To learn more about the ingredients or nutrition in this microwavable mac and cheese dish, check out our package scans below.

Devour Chicken Cordon Bleu Mac & Cheese

Devour Chicken Cordon Bleu Mac & Cheese

Devour Chicken Cordon Bleu Mac & Cheese

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