Evol Buffalo Style Chicken & Blue Cheese Review

Evol Buffalo Style Chicken & Blue Cheese

If you haven’t eaten a ton of Evol frozen food (like we have), you’re probably most familiar with their frozen burritos. But Evol isn’t one to remain boxed inside that narrow niche; they also make breakfast items and tasty rice bowls. Today, we’re going to check out the Evol Buffalo Style Chicken & Blue Cheese, which we’ve been meaning to try for a while now. This interesting combination of ingredients really caught our attention.

To cook this, simply toss it into the microwave for two minutes, stir it, then toss it back in for two and a half minutes. There are oven instructions on the box as well, but we went with the microwave on this one.

Now, we should point out that when we pulled this out at the two-minute mark, it was more frozen than we expected. In fact, it was difficult to stir due to how solid it still was. We were a bit concerned that this might not cook properly in the recommended four and a half minutes. But despite our worries, this came out piping hot.

Evol Buffalo Style Chicken & Blue Cheese

Before we get into flavor, we just want to point out that this meal smells amazing. The buffalo sauce gives this a wonderful scent that wafts through your kitchen while it’s cooking. If you’re just in it for the smells, you won’t be disappointed.

We’re not quite as sold on the flavor, however. Don’t get us wrong, the buffalo sauce is incredible, but the addition of brown rice works against the overall impact of the flavor. It doesn’t, however, reduce the spice level — this is still a runny-nose-inducing meal.

Evol’s chicken has a really great track record, and this meal doesn’t bring an end to their winning streak. It has a lovely texture, it’s juicy, and there’s a nice grilled flavor that really makes it pop. And the cauliflower is a great choice to complement the chicken. You’ll also find a couple other veggies on board — there’s corn and red peppers — though they stay mostly in the background.

There wasn’t as much blue cheese as we were hoping for. We only really noticed its presence in one bite, and we spent the rest of our time with this meal wondering where the rest of that blue cheese went. Blue cheese has a tendency to overpower a meal if you’re not careful with the portion size, but here we think Evol could have been just a tad bit more generous with it here.

This meal contains 320 calories (130 from fat). That’s not all that bad, but be warned that the sodium level is through the roof — this bowl has 950 mg of sodium.

The Evol Buffalo Style Chicken & Blue Cheese is good but not great. A little more blue cheese and a little less brown rice would have really brought this meal to a whole new level. So yes, this does have a ton of potential — we just think it needs a few small tweaks.

To learn more about the nutrition content or ingredients in this buffalo chicken bowl, check out our package scan below.

Evol Buffalo Style Chicken & Blue Cheese

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